The Broken Arrow: Rp Sancutary.
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The Broken Arrow: Rp Sancutary.

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 Sasuga Hensou (Finished, no story)

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Sasuga Hensou

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PostSubject: Sasuga Hensou (Finished, no story)   Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:27 pm

Full name:Sasuga Hensou




alliance:Sasuga is kind-hearted by nature, but he has been told that the work of a killer is never clean.


Birth-date:Lost to the records of the Feudal Era


Relationship Status:Uuh..

Love Interest/Spouse:Check back here later!!


Village or town of birth(modern era or fedual era):Takumi Village, an small area in the Feudal World

Currently lives:Passive between Feudal and Modern times

Smoker?:On occasions

Drinker?:On occasions

Drug User?:No

Feudal Attire:

Modern Attire:

Weight:105 lbs

Figure/build:Light, agile, thin

Hairstyle and color:Long black hair going down

Eye color:Dark purple

Skin/fur color:Light

Tattoos:A black lotus flower symbolizing his profession

Scars:One long one going down his face, by his mouth (Covered by his mask in the Feudal World)


Preferred style of clothing:Black leather/silk

Personality (and other stuff)

Personality:Normally, Sasuga is a kind-hearted person, cheerful and nice, but, in his work, he takes a cold, silent side as he stops at nothing to get the job done

Likes:The Modern World, many other things

Dislikes:Many things


Favorite color:Black

Favorite food(s):No paticular

Favorite drink(s):No paticular

Least Favorite color:Yellow

Least Favorite food(s):Not picky

Least Favorite drink(s):Not picky


Talents/skills:The art of sleath, a strong teaching of martial arts, and how to play a flute (See bio)

Peaceful or aggressive:Is passive aggresive

Weapon of choice (if any):
Dual daggers

Parents:Raised by powerful yokai, his original parents are unknown



Other important relatives:None


Notable Friends:None that he knows of

Enemies:None that he knows of


Life story

Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc):

Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10):

Teenage years (11 - 19):

Adult years (20 on):

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Sasuga Hensou (Finished, no story)
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