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 -Rules and Guidelines-

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Mizuki Matsuyuma

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PostSubject: -Rules and Guidelines-   Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:19 pm

Hey everyone this is an Inuyasha forum that just started i have a brief idea of what the rule are but My Co owner Sasuga Hense will post them after we discuss and figure out whats best!!
but some are for certain.

1. When you sign up CREATE a character.

2. Please notify Admin of prolonged absences. Also you must post at least 3x a week unless the admin have been notified prior to absence.

3.If you are registering a character of your own please note that until we get more people we will need you to have another responsibility if your making an OC and Play a Canon Character until more join our site!

3.Have fun! Nobody like a layabout or grumpy face sunny

4.Kept the Violence and Romance at a PG-13 level if your going to have sex take it to the private messaging, or if your going to duke it out for a good length that you know of please Create a thread for said fight.

5. No Harassment or Cyber-Bulling...or Thou shall be...BANNED!

6. No God Moding!

7. No Over-sized Signatures and Avatars.

8. Must be Semi- Literate with posting. People wanna reply to you but they can't if they don't understand!Very Happy

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-Rules and Guidelines-
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