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 Marvel Character

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Mizuki Matsuyuma

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PostSubject: Marvel Character   Sun Aug 30, 2015 4:52 pm

Real Name:
Aeryn Iris Conner
Good/ neutral
+Control over nature((nature,plants, ect. able to communicate too until the expreiment made her feel tainted))
++Extreme speed and cat like ability's and senses ( explain in the bio)
Aeryn has a questionable past, born in Ireland and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Aeryn has always seemed different and disconnected from others. When she turned eighteen she went for a trip to the states after she got legalized as a citizen. She was planning to go to college in New York City, but she never made it to the campus of NYU. Aeryn was taken by the American military to be their latest experiment. They infused her with the senses, speed, and grace of several types of cats, both domestic and wild. Luckily the only back fire for her was a fish and milk appetite plus the urge to meow now and then. She managed to escape after the arranged her claws to a sharper caliber with some metal she couldn't figure out. However they continued to hunt the now twenty-two year old girl across the country. She searches for somewhere where she came be safe. She finally comes back to New York state hoping to find this haven stated by the mutant grapevine. Will they take her in and save her or will they turn her away?
+Photographic memory
+Exceptionally skilled Kendo and Martial Artist. (Still Learning)
+*Sword is made from the same metal as her claws.



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Marvel Character
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