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Mizuki Matsuyuma
Mizuki Matsuyuma

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PostSubject: O.H.S.H.C.   Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:16 pm

Name: Masamoto Matsuyuma
Title: Chef/Female Host.
Grade: Class1-A Grade 10
Other Names: Masamai-san, Masa-chan,Masa.
" The Past is the Past, But that doesn't mean it won't haunt us. However, I will keep moving forward towards a future that wasn't handed to me on a silver platter. Care to join me?"

                                         ~Dob~to~DOD     ~Dob~to~DOD                                                
                                        Loving Father.          Loving mother.                                          
                                        Kind Husband.              Gentle Wife.                                          

Masamoto Matsuyuma stood there and read the words over and over again her mind blank and her amethyst eyes empty. Why? She wondered sadly. Was it something I said? She couldn't understand why her mother and father wouldn't wake up or why the red water came from them thick and hot. She held her black and white, hand stitched cat doll close her her chest her long oddly messy maroon brown hair. Her eye stayed fixed on the grave stone carved as a Celtic queen of the fairies for her mother and a tennyo's god for her father. Her uncle Jin Matsuyuma merely looked on with a hidden happy smirk and grasped the 5 year old girl's shoulder. “ Do not worry...Masamoto-sama....My wife and I will take care of  you now...” The words for some reason cut through the girl like a knife.

She feared her uncle and her aunt cruel natures, but she feared her cousin's Tei and Mei-Lin who would always chase her with a lit match for her plushie or a pair of scissors threatening to cut her rather long messy looking hair.  The few months went by and they left her to wander her mother garden searching for her mother and convince counselor’s and doctor’s she hasn't yet to grieve that she was emotionless, a unsympathetic child, but when they spoke with her she just looked at them with sad empty eyes. “ why should I cry? Okaa-san and Otou-san are just sleeping I just have to wait for them right?” they realized she hadn't fully grasped her parents death which was normal for some children as young as her.

The rest of the year went by as it always did. Tei would comment on the ugly clothes her mother would put on Masamoto to lower her main self esteem. Mei-Lin would work on the emotion part by threatening to rip her Yumi-chan(( the kitty cat plushie)) unless she did whatever she wanted. These things Mei-Lin made her do varied from helping her carry her toys or helping her with making her dresses, sometimes though she would have Masamoto purposely get in trouble and watch her mother. Her aunt would beat her when ever she broke something or when she was unladylike with her appearance which was all the time thanks to her. Her uncle...merely ignored her or played a mind game with her to send her into the wrath of the other three.

When Masamoto turned eleven she remembered being summoned to her uncle Jin's office. She thought Maybe the twin sister of her cousin had told a lie about her again. She looked up at him her arm still in a cast from when his wife had broken it like she had broken a vase after Tei had pushed her into the stand. Jin smiled at her and told her. “ I think it's time you became a lady...” she didn't understand until he got closer. He smelled like her father's favorite scotch and she backed up into the locked door. The next 3 hours were like hell for her as he left her there on the floor dirty and ruined. Her face was red and her cheek swollen from a slap he had given her when she resisted. She realized then she needed to get away.

The next day after fours hours of scrubbing and cleaning herself she packed what little was precious to her. She dyed her hair and erased evidence of doing so. She then left as far from Hokkaido as she could, and went to Tokyo. For the first few years from 11-13 She lived in the street staying with a local girl gang in the Tokyo version of Chinatown, learned marital arts mainly Chinese kenpo,  taichi, and shaoling arts. She would get into fights and beat up anyone who would try to get close to her especially the local boys. She was known for a short time as the Blue Siren. She had long blue dyed hair, cold empty eyes and a deadly swing. However the girls became more violent to the point of wanting to commit crimes. So Masamoto transferred to another middle school after redyeing her hair back to it's original color and putting on glasses to protect her eyes from being noticed, She even used an old connection to the Tokyo underground to change her name to Masami Kazuko. Haruhi noticed her though especially after Masami Moved into the apartment next to her's and her father. Day after day Masami would try to avoid Haruhi but the girl kept seeing her every time. Eventually the two talked and became simple friends. It was Haruhi who told hr about Ouran Academy and the Art's scholarship and about how she could have a better future. Masami smiled at Haruhi not knowing how the host club would change her life.” Sure....Why not I think a new future is exactly what I need.”

~Occupation: 3: Cosplay cafe((Afternoon shift,varies on request)), a Storefront Greeting Girl(( Saturday and Sunday)), Night-Time Club Waitress.(( Every night for 4 hours)) ~

Jin Matsuyuma: uncle
-Businessman,CEO of family company.
Yue-Li Matsuyuma: Aunt
-Stay at home wife and mother.
Tei Matsuyuma: Cousin
Mei-Lin Matsuyuma : Cousin
Elaine "Callaghan" Matsuyuma : Mother((deceased))
-Songstress,Painter, Mother

Tatsuya Matsuyuma: Father (( Deceased))
-Historian/Archeologist, Writer,Father.

Personality: ((Will fill in over time))
+She Loves Spicy, and Salty Foods. Hates anything too bitter
+ Loves green Tea
+ She has a small crush on Kyoya Ootori.
+ She adores  Ramen, Takoyaki, and Oden
+ Real hair color is Dark Brown.

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