The Broken Arrow: Rp Sancutary.
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The Broken Arrow: Rp Sancutary.

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 =D Fallen's profile!!!

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PostSubject: =D Fallen's profile!!!   Sat Aug 29, 2009 7:48 am


Full name: Whichit Nanbake

Nickname(s):Kai Nui

Gender: Male

Race:(demon,half-demon, tennyo, Human, Est.) human

alliance: (netrual, good, evil, Bystander) neutral

Age: 18

Birth-date: april 30, 1991

Sexuality: straight

Relationship Status: taken

Love Interest/Spouse: none

Nationality: Thai

Village or town of birth(modern era or fedual era): Phitsanalok

Currently lives: Tokyo

Smoker?: no

Drinker?: no

Drug User?:no

Modern era
Feudal era

Height: 5'9''


Figure/build:medium build

Hairstyle and color: shaggy brown

Eye color: brown

Skin/fur color: tan

Tattoos: thai tattoo on left chest

Scars: multiple from bones popping through his skin


Preferred style of clothing: loose fitting comfertable

Personality (and other stuff)

Personality: calm

Likes: noodles

Dislikes: crappy food


Favorite color:

Favorite food(s): thai and japanese noodles

Favorite drink(s):thai tea/coffee, japanese tea

Least Favorite color:

Least Favorite food(s): oysters

Least Favorite drink(s):

Hobbies: drawing and training

Talents/skills: muay thai

Peaceful or aggressive: passiveaggressive

Weapon of choice (if any): Thai darb


Parents: Luung Nanbake, Puung Nanbake

Siblings: Whitchai


Other important relatives:


Notable Friends:


Pets: cat named pamoo

Life story

Situation of the character's birth (where, when etc): bangkok, Thailand on april 30, 1991, normal birth

Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): lived in Thailand till he was 18 but traveled back and forth between japan and thailand because his mom lived in japan and his dad in thailand

Teenage years (11 - 19): came to tokyo after finishing school so he can go to college there. while wandering through a small festival at a shrine he found a well and decided to see what was down there so he climbed down the ladder and found it was dry as looked around he was surrounded by a bright light then he fell through the ground into what seemed like a some kindof aura then he appeared on the ground again but he herd birds and saw sunlight so he climbed up some vines he found and noticed the shed was gone.......

Adult years (20 on):

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=D Fallen's profile!!!
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