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Sango the Taiji(Demon Slayer)
Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:13 pm by Mizuki Matsuyuma
General Information

Name: Sango
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Profession: Demon Slayer

One Word to Describe Your Character: Determined
Likes: Sango has an affinity for her Demon companion, Kirara, and likes being with such traits as bravery, honesty, and kindness.
Dislikes: She dislikes those with little to no sympathy for life, dishonesty and mindless evil deeds
Strengths: Sango’s strengths are centered around the belief that she is doing the right thing with her life. Her fighting skills, her weapon; Hiraikotsu, her companionship with Kirara, her knowledge of general and advanced demon hunting and her great determination are her greatest strengths.
Weaknesses: However great her strength though, Sango is haunted by the memories of her families deaths to a crippling degree. Also, she can be over-passionate on certain aspects and lets that cloud over whatever fight she is in at the time. Her brother himself is a weakness for her because he is probably the one person she can not save.
Side: Good
Detailed Personality Description: Sango is a young woman with many demons of her own that she has yet to vanquish, and she has taken that fact and turned it to help her fight her foes with further accuracy. She is kind, to an extent in which harshness is called for, such as being fondled. *ahem*, and enjoys the company of others. She is not easy swayed and keeps strong opinions on her morals and sometimes tries to make others see the difference between the wrong they are doing and the right that they could do. Her bravery can often be compared to a mask, something she does to block her fear, though she would never admit to that. Irritation, however, is not easy for her to block at all and easily shows whenever it arises…with is surprisingly often when a personal issue is proving difficult.

Overall Description:

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Weight: Approx 120 lbs.

Height: Approx. 5 ft. 3 in.


Detailed Personal History: Sango was born in a village of many Taiji (demon slayers) and was raised so she too could join them. When she was older, her brother was born and the two of them developed a close bond with each other that only seemed to grow as they got older as helped each other in their hunting and fighting skills. Her seemingly simple life was further stirred up when her relationship with a boy who had grown up with her in her village grew more complex, as is the case with many teenage co-ed friendships. It had seemed almost too good to be true and simple in a way that she enjoyed. Unfortunately, it was not to last.

One night they were all called away to the aid of a Lord in danger, and ended up being drawn into a trap. Sango’s entire family, including her father and brother, were slaughtered. She barely survived, thanks to the aid of the very boy who she had grown so close too, Wraith interrupted her impending doom. The demon though, before letting her leave once she was able, sent one final deception at her, telling her that the one who murdered her family was none other than the half demon, InuYasha.

Days later, hurt and angry, Sango was discovered by a band of wandering jewel gatherers and allowed them to aid her and bury her family. Except for her brother, who had been manipulated by a jewel shard and granted life in return for unquestioning servitude. She discovered the truth though, that the half demon was not the one who killed her family, but it had been the very Lord her family had been tricked into protecting in the first place. She joined the group in hopes that one day, she could get revenge on the demon that had tricked and killed her family. Along with a half demon, Miko reincarnate, kitsune, and a monk, she traveled Japan, collecting shards of the Shikon jewel.

RP Sample: Gone were the days of mindless playing and childish tales of imaginary lore. It was time to prove that she could be worthwhile, that she could- and would become a great asset for her family. Sango had waited too long for this day, for the day when she was to join in on her first official slaying of a demon, the right of passage that would initiate her to the rank of demon slayer with the rest of her family. Gods, she was certain that she had never felt so nervous before, and had her Hiraikostu always been this heavy? The massive weapon felt suddenly like a dozen buckets of water all strapped to her back. Still…she would endure it and prove herself ready.

She followed the only two others who would be watching her during this trip, her father, and her uncle. They were the only two that she would have wanted to be there. The sun, which had yet to rise, was just showing its beginning rays over the forest to her East and the air was cold, nipping at her through her armor as she crept along behind her leaders. It was against tradition to know before hand who and what the demon was, but she had heard them talking the night before around a small fire and couldn’t help but to listen. This particular demon, as it were, was terrorizing a nearby village through trickery and illusions, for he himself wasn’t that great in size or strength. It wouldn’t be that difficult to slay him and keep the poor people from giving away any more of their food and money as offerings to try and send the beast on it’s way.

They were nearing the village now. Yes, she could hear the begging as the demon threatened to burn their sacred shrine, taunting them for his own sick pleasure as he demanded more gold, more food, and a young virgin. It made her feel sick to her stomach, not only knowing that she would face this thing, but knowing that…even after it was over that there were even more like it, both demons and human men alike. Her father and uncle stopped just feet ahead and turned to look at her, assuring her that if things were to turn wayward that they would step in to help her. She was confident that she wouldn’t need it and stepped out into the opening before the townspeople, the shrine and, lastly, the demon.

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